When someone says "AZONTO" what comes to mind ?. Is it a dance, music, song, art, lifestyle ... ? From the land of its origin, this documentary satisfies that curiosity. Azontomentary serves you with all news, information, facts, history and events concerning Azonto. Follow Azontomentary on twitter, Like the Facebook page, subscribe on youtube.

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  • "Gangnamtugui Style" - Mash up Mix by Selecta B. Brown - Keche ft Pascal AKA on the Gangnam Style Beat

  • djgoodblood:

    Gemini feat. EL - I’ll Do, Don’t Do

    This song comes from Ghana and has been out since August 2012 already but now there’s a brand new video. Gemini has been called “the fastest English rapper in GH” by some, and E.L. you should know from “Obuu Mo”, “One Ghana” and “Kaalu”.

  • djgoodblood:

    Azonto in Helsinki //  AFRO SUNDAY // June 2,  2013.
    Special thanks to NANA for the azonto performance
    and all the azonto dancers in the video

    AFRO SUNDAY // AFROBEATS AT MBAR, HELSINKI // EVERY SECOND SUNDAY DURING THE SUMMER 2013 // DJs Emil, Good Blood, Hermanni & Rideon from the Basso Radio sunday show Boom Shakalaka together with MCs Mad Ice and Baby Joe from Uganda bring the hottest sounds of today from the clubs of Lagos, Dar Es Salaam, Johannesburg, Nairobi… Energetic and uplifting music for everybody who loves to dance.

  • whatimlisteningtonow75:

    When I think of Footballers singing, I think of Hoddle and  Waddle’s magnum opus 1980’s Diamond Lights and Gazza’s terrible Fog on the Tyne.  Generally Footballers should stick to playing the beuatiful fame

    However Ghanian striker Asamoah Gyan doesn’t disgrace himself on this record he made with Castro.

  • venenoinjectme:

    Me and My friends AZONTOOOOOOOO !!

    “lmfaooo this is so funny watch the full thing !!”

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  • swert-carabasu-stirring:

    #613CCD on that Azonto tip ^_^
    Watch & Share it if you like it :)

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    Mix by DJ MBTIOUS & DJ T.Y.T.Y
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  • Snippet from forth coming film ‘Azontmentary’. > Azonto vs Hip Life ft. Atsu Koliko; Pascal Aka; Appietus; Doggie !! Sharing is … 

  • fckyeahprettyafricans:

    AZONTO DANCE FT jayinnacity

    IG jayinnacity


  • cannonballent:

    GUBA award winner Juliyaa (@Juliyaamusic) caught up with th Cannons. Find out what she’s been up to since her award, her E.P and what is Rhythmic soul? Watch, share and subscribe…www.cannonballent.com

  • I wish I could do the Azonto


    I’m trying though LOL

    watch ‘azontomentary tv’ on youtube and the dance moves will find you.